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February 20, 2009


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Such a great post. Reading this as part of our education time here in the office today. This past week, I saw so many photographers who are sort of flailing around trying to find an identity rather than asking the hard questions and defining their brand based on who they ARE... and in turn having a foundation on which to develop a clear strategy for success. Amazing what putting plans on paper will do for you. Thank you for posting this, Sean. So needed.

Jodi {In Any Event}

You can't even believe how timely this post is! Thank you for speaking directly to me even though you didn't know you were doing that! Some dear industry friends were telling me I should be doing something that {in my gut} I knew did not fit my brand. But I listened and thought, 'Well, maybe I should be doing that.' And the fact is, I shouldn't. This post is a good reminder that I must be true to my brand, no matter what. THANK YOU, Sean!

aiesha panton

As if this was written just for me...this post gives me perfect direction for my "Next Steps".
I am just officially getting started and have been seeking balance between the creative aspect and the business of the business. Thanks for asking these tough, but necessary questions for success!

Leila Khalil | Wedding Publicist | Be Inspired PR |

I'm late on reading this but.. WOW. I need to refer to this post as the "guide" for some many clients who come to me for coaching and help. Many dont get what I mean when I spell it out like you did here. You of course do it so eloquently and I am a big fan of you and your teachings.. thanks!


Really should be doing this - good post.

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