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March 09, 2009


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Great advice...I'm determined to take baby steps so I do this thing the right way. Coming up with the right strategy has been a game of chess!

Jenny Weitz-Amare Cartwright

Good self promotion and good marketing strategies are the most important things to do in order to have a well developed business. It is always good to step back and see how your business is being projected to the public and how effective the public is absorbing it.

Leila Khalil | Wedding Publicist | Be Inspired PR |

I agree with you! Timing and budget is also key when choosing to move forward with a PR strategy. Some people think that it's the "trendy" thing to do right now in our business. You don't hire a PR person just because you want to be in magazines. A strong business foundation and brand must be in place before you can promote yourself to the media and to attract your target client. For certain clients we PR people can help you build that foundation and for others its up to you to put the energy and focus towards it.
I just love everything you write...(when are you writing a book?)


Just as important as the foundation of your biz, is the foundation of your team. I've seen so many invest time and money in representation that really had no plan of their own. Social media does not equal a well rounded pr campaign, so do your homework and find someone that fully grasps not only what you do well, but what they themselves do well. That together is a powerhouse that can be monumentally effective, but it goes both ways.

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