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April 23, 2009


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Wow, Sean! You have no idea how much I needed that this morning. I hope you have a fantastic day!


"I am a firm believer that intangibles like passion, emotion, connection and relatedness can be structured into the fabric of your business..."

Gosh...this sentence has never been more true for me than right now! As always, thanks for sharing, Sean!

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I like the megaphone analogy. I frown on businesses in the creative fields that were simply started as an easy way to cash in on demand without having real creativity at their root. But, what can we do but our best to share and express, and leave prospering as a lesser priority. especially in the present economy.

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I LOVE this post. I used to be a neuropsychologist - helping brain-injured patients. However, the pull of art and creativity was too strong, and I had to follow my passion - working with flowers and creating events. For a long time I felt guilty because I was no longer "helping people", but over the last year, once my business has settled into it's niche, I have found many ways to still help: by using green practices and promoting green practices both within one's business and in the services your business offers. I feel since I am lucky enough to do what I love everyday, I am also somehow giving back and helping make the world aware that every little bit counts, and that any business can 'green things up." Thanks for your inspiration Sean! See you at Engage09.

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This is the toughest question for me... must mean it is the one I really need to answer! Thank you for sharing your insight here, it helps so much.

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