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May 28, 2009


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Latrice Cushenberry - Bridal Opulence Nashville

Another great post! This is a goal of minebfur 2009, awing my network within my city! Thanks for the post!


Ahhh thanks for this post! It's good to have some reassure me that I don't need to blog every day of my life but I can always go out for a drink, met over lunch or coffee and stay in touch that way.

Tracey Kumer-Moore

"Some clients need the global rock star, most really want the local star that is a rock".

This comment has really hit home with me Sean on so many levels-some I am very comfortable & pleased with and some I need to come to terms with and accept (which has not been easy) but hopefully I will soon.

Thank you as always for your insight and your candor very much looking forward to meeting you in person.

Victoria Joanne

Good bits of knowledge here. thanks so much for sharing.

I have found it so very hard to get in with meeting people. I am in such a small niche of the wedding industry that it's been an uphill climb.

My clients are wonderful - it's getting to know other industry professionals that is the task. ;)

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