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May 26, 2009


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Greg Bumatay

Excellent tip on branding!

You use "essence and expression", but could "perception" also be a factor? It's not uncommon to see 'high end' brands that are in fact mediocre. But sometimes perception (through great marketing) matters more than the level of art.

Jenifer Simpson

I love this post...great advice...this is something I must get better at.

Bella Signature Design

I so agree! However, I find it difficult to "speak grandly" about my business without feeling like I am being egotistical. I have no problem posting about honors or comments others have given me, but to say "I'm the best" is not something I do. For example, Sean, if you say "Bella Signature Design creates exquisite events" it's SO much more meaningful than if I run around saying/writing the same thing. I am comfortable quoting other experts, or even my clients, but not as comfortable just creating my own praise and using it.

I have so much passion and love for what I do, and I DO believe that I am the best locally at the particular services that I offer, because of that passion I put into it, the feedback I receive, and because of how my events typically turn out :) However, I 1) have no idea how to bring that across and 2)have been stuck in getting to the next level....


This is one of the reasons why I am going to Engage - to see how to take it to the next level!

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