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May 07, 2009


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Latrice Cushenberry - Nashville Tn - Bridal Opulence

Great post as usual and very relevant!! Thanks!

ABC Dragoo

For heaven sakes! I just popped over to see what you had to teach me and --- You are talking about my blog, ABCD Design! ---

I should take a moment to compose myself and write something eloquent, but oh-my-goodness -!- I could not be more delighted. You mentioning my blog is the highest compliment and I truly appreciate it.

Warm regards,
ABC Dragoo

Bella Signature Design

Your post has made me think about how I could reach a different audience, about reaching brides before they become brides. I have had a few brides along the way tell me they have wanted to hire me before they even met their fiancee, and I should have listened to that more, and found out what struck them about my company, how did they find me, and what did they like? Instead of just being flatterred, I should have used that information! I sure will now, and I the thoght of shifting the focus of my blog to reach out to brides before they are brides seems an idea worth investing some time in. Thank you!

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