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June 09, 2009


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Linnyette Richardson-Hall

Love this post! For me - 2+2 equals 6, 8, 10, 12...the computation is endless :). I love what I do, but don't get it twisted - I'm in it to make money, support my family and the lifestyle I love.

Sometimes, people get a bit "esoteric" about the connection between their businesses, their love for it and the bottom line of $$$. Don't - realize and understand it is what it is...


I read the title and all that came to my mind was "Honey and don't you know it" I do love my job but yes ultimately I am doing it to make a living.


This has always been a hard one for me...placing $$$$ for time....while balancing the desire to provide excellent customer service. It comes down to boundaries...the "people pleasers" dilemma. Thanks for the reminder.

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