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I am the (soon to be former) President of Preston Bailey Designs, Inc. and business consultant to those in the business of being creative.


Everyone should be creative. Whatever your art is, it should invigorate you and bring you joy. And if it happens to be your business, it should bring you the money you need to keep being creative.

My own creativity is all about business -- thinking about how businesses run, how to make them run better, helping them know who they are and then be the best at what they do.

What I have discovered is that I really love to think about businesses that are based in creativity. It is a neverending challenge to build these businesses in a way that most honors the art that is behind them.

By way of background, I have been a lawyer, investment banker, financial executive, and small business owner. I have made a lot of money, lost it all and come back again.

I met Preston when I really needed a chance to start again. More than five years later, I am very proud of what has been accomplished, with so much more to go. Words can not express my gratitude to Preston for all that he is, his wisdom, his guidance and, most of all, his friendship. Every day, I am thankful for his presence in my life.

With Preston's blessing, I have had the good fortune to develop my own consulting business in addition to my work for him. I represent interior design luminary, Vicente Wolf, and have represented Eventiste, Marcy Blum, and the amazing Cake Designer, Sylvia Weinstock. To each of them I am most grateful. Vicente, in particular, is a rare combination of brilliant businessman and artist -- a true renaissance man. He has provided me with tremendous insight into how best to be in the business of being creative.

I look forward to the wonderful experiences with the new clients I have yet to meet.


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