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July 27, 2009


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Karla |Stylish Events|

So true! Sometimes we get caught up with the ever-changing technology applications to promote our business and forget to base the fundamentals that will traspass all this once Social Media comes up with something better.

Teresa Wilson/Camelback Flowershop

Thank you for this one Sean. It reinforces what I have been leading my employees to do. I am actually going to read it in our team meeting this morning. I agree, that branding is so important, but it only seems to explode when you are passionate about and consistent with, your art. I believe that my employees are the core of my tribe. If they aren't passionate about my art, then how can they genuinely reach out to potential new tribe members? Inspiring them, nearly daily, challenges me and keeps me inspired-it also keeps the movement fresh/strong. I am glad, I have a place (like this) to come and get inspired as well.


I see people get wrapped up daily in putting messages out there - especially on the internet - that might not match the message they want clients to think about them. It is an interesting thing to watch, and this just drives it home.

What is key in both the Zappos and the Flip examples is that both companies went after doing one thing simply and doing it very, very well. I could find shoes at the mall for less than Zappos, but shopping online with them was always pleasant, they had what I needed in stock, and their return policy was fantastic. Then on top of that, they chose to engage with the customers too, all the while creating ambassadors for the company. All with a singular focus.

I personally go back & forth with this - I have a studio space in a neighborhood, so part of me wants to not set too narrow of a focus - but then I keep coming back to doing one thing and doing it well. Well, two things in my case. (Weddings + Boudoir - related but not everyone does both.) I think in the long run, it is the best thing to do . You can't successfully be all things to all people!


I'm struggling with the same thing as Christine. I'm an interior designer who can do it all and have always made that clear. But, what I REALLY want to do is to design small to midsized company spaces to reflect their identity. I know this is where I shine, but the path to getting there seems really long! You can't do interior design online really. I guess you just don't turn anyone down until you can and then you only accept jobs that you will love doing because if you are having fun and developing a strong relationship with your client, happiness follows.

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