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July 30, 2009


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Becka Knight

LOVED this. We are currently undergoing a big change on our blog where we are incorporating so much more about ourselves and life as well as our work. I'm so excited for it and this just adds fuel to my fire :)

Mark Kingsdorf - The Queen of Hearts

As a wedding planner who is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, I try to keep that information front and center as so much of my background really helps when working with clients on designing a menu and also the flow of the reception...

Great post!


How do you always know to write exactly what I need to hear? Wow. This is fabulous!

Kristy R.

Such spot on insight into the creative business! I am additionally intrigued by businesses making these human connections on a global level vs. regional. Would love to hear your thoughts...

Tracey Kumer-Moore

I loved this post Sean and I did exactly that by rewriting and tweaking my bio to reveal much more of who I am and the person behind Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge.

People want to always connect with people and feel a common bond on an emotional level whether one is designing their home, cooking them a meal or helping them create a life celebration.

Carrie Lane {storied events}

Thank you. Your words have not only reinforced the foundation from which I built my business, but reassured me that every chance and gut feeling I had to build my business was well worth my time.

My company was founded three years ago and is strong, growing and based on my history and experiences. Clients want to know what you can bring to the table. They want to know my connections, where I have been and where I intend to go. My clients pay for those experiences and connections. Note: I do not take commissions or referral fees.

Thank you, again. You have reassured my belief in knowing if you are yourself, proud of your history and accomplishments, you can sell who you are, and in turn produce a product worthy of your standards and beyond your clients expectations.

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